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Scripture Union around the world
Scripture Union National Movements are globally organised in seven regions around the world, each having their own governing body.

Scripture Union World MovementsScripture Union International Council
The International Council exists to maintain an overview of the status, development, and future plans of the global community of Scripture Union. The Council is responsible for developing, agreeing and measuring progress on the global mission strategy.


Membership of the Council consists of:

Scripture Union Council

  • Three members appointed by each Constituent Regional Council
  • The Independent Chairperson
  • The Vice Chair(s)
  • The Honorary Treasurer
  • The International Director
  • Up to two Co-opted Members
  • The International Staff (in attendance)

International Executive (office bearers)

  • The Chairperson
  • The Vice Chair(s)
  • The Treasurer
  • International Director
  • Three or more other members of the Council including two Regional Directors.

International Team
The International Team consists of the International Staff and Regional Directors. Together they maintain an overview of the worldwide ministry, identify priorities and agree how resources may best be used. They also provide support to one another and help maintain both the global vision and the development of the Regions.