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Living Hope

Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ we have been given ‘new birth into a living hope’ (1 Peter 1:3).  Together, we seek to live and serve as people of hope, in a world that longs for hope! “Living Hope is an exciting opportunity for the whole Scripture Union movement!” For almost 150 years God has used Scripture Union to bring countless children, young people and adults to a living hope through Jesus Christ. Today that hope is needed more than ever.  Across the world, Scripture Union will intentionally spend time during 2012 listening to our communities, to each other and to key people around us.  We expect that through this process, and as we share together in prayer and around God’s word, he will speak to us about his call, the shape and direction of our future. There are three phases:

  1. Listening Starting in January 2012, the Community Listening Initiative will enable us to listen to children, youth and adults in our communities around the world. We will listen to each other in the Scripture Union family. And we will listen to God as we pray together and read his word.
  2. Discernment In November 2012, leaders from every Scripture Union movement (more than 130) met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Together they sought to discern what God has been saying to us in the initial phase, in order to set directions for the future – locally, nationally and globally.
  3. Action This is the most important part of Living Hope! Around the world we will seek to respond in obedience to what God has been saying to us. We believe and pray that, through Living Hope, God will shape Scripture Union’s ministry for many years to come.

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