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SUI BuildScripture Union International and Movements around the world engage in special initiatives that required funding.

Below you will find details of some of the current International initiatives that we are looking for funds for:


Shaping for Service
In recent years we have come to the realisation that to more fully sustain the ministry and ensure that children and young people are being truly discipled, we needed to take a fresh look at how our staff and volunteers, particularly young leaders are equipped.  The result was a vision called ‘Shaping for Service’, an initiative that equips disciples to make disciples in this vital ministry to children and young people.  Read more … 


Living Hope
Living Hope is a global ministry initiative in three phases involving SU Movements right around the world.
In the first six months of 2012, Phase 1 will involve SU staff and volunteers meeting with groups of children and young people to listen and discover more about what makes them hopeful and what are the areas of hopelessness.  This will provide a wonderful opportunity for children and young people to be heard and ministered to, a rare opportunity for some. It will also provide an opportunity for those who are already involved in ministry to consider how they might prioritise the needs of the most vulnerable. The information gathered will be collated for consideration in Phase 2 in November 2012.  Read more …