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Shaping For Service

For many years Scripture Union has developed ministries globally such as KidsGames, camping and other child and youth based activities. These developments included training SU staff and volunteers that are reaching tens of thousands of children and young people particularly in areas where the need is greatest and that have few resources.  In recent years we have come to the realisation that to more fully sustain the ministry and ensure that children and young people are being truly discipled, we needed to take a fresh look at how our staff and volunteers, particularly young leaders are equipped.  The result was a vision called ‘Shaping for Service’, an initiative that equips disciples to make disciples in this vital ministry to children and young people.

The strategy includes identifying key leaders in the regions and sub-regions that will become advocates and deliverers of the strategy in their region. The main regions of focus, where the need is seen as the most pressing are Africa, South Asia and Latin America.  The proposal involves thirteen 8-day SFS courses for these key leaders from regions and sub-regions across the globe, who have demonstrated the potential to equip and support others and who will be mentored in their role.

Participants are required to carry out a survey of their local context before attending the SfS event.  The program includes exploring our understanding of the Bible and Mission, our context, child protection, working with churches and families, thinking Biblically about issues facing African Christians, Kingdom leadership, and being agents of change.  Resources are being developed for three languages and plans are in place for continued resourcing and support. Feedback from each event will be sought to evaluate the effectiveness of the material and support to develop it further if necessary.

The initial event in each region will generally have two SU International Ministry Coordinators involved.  As Regional staff are trained, they will then roll out the course to their sub-regions.  There will also be consultations with Britain, Europe and the Pacific to best determine how the SFS strategy can best be imbedded into their already existing programs.


Budget Expenditure

Events are being held in each region separately, to keep costs down and enable the material to be made as culturally relevant as possible. Funding is being sought for the initial event in each region or sub-region and mainly relates to the cost of providing subsidies for travel and development of materials as follows:

2011 $US 2012 $US 2013 $US Total $US
No. of Events 4 3 5 13
Regions Covered AfricaSouth Asia Africa CaribbeanNth America^
Eastern Europe / FSR
Latin America
East West Asia^
Consultations Only^ Britain /
Australia / NZ^
Total Expenses $16,230 $33,660 $116,180 $211,070
Less: Regional Contributions $17,100 $16,660 $43,380 $77,140
Net Funding Req’d by SUI $44,130 $17,000 $72,800 $133,930

Note: ^ No funding needed for participants from these Regions

Your prayerful and/or financial contribution to this initiative would be most appreciated.