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SU 150th Anniversary campaign

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Celebrating 150 years of Scripture Union

God’s Word for a Young World

SU 150th Anniversary campaign


Scripture Union (SU) has been dedicated to the discipleship of children and teenagers since the beginning of our ministry in 1867.   Josiah Spiers, the pioneer of SU, believed children could have a personal living relationship with Christ and presented the Gospel and Bible in a way that they could understand.  He started the ministry by gathering children in a house and teaching them.  He even took his teaching to the beach when he went on holidays in Wales.  A few years later, a young Sunday School teacher, Annie Marston, convinced Josiah and his team to print Bible Cards, listing Bible passages that could be used by children to read the Bible every day.

From that small beginning, Scripture Union has expanded to a community of over 140 movements worldwide, each with the same aim of working with the churches,

  1. a) to make God’s Good News known to children, young people and families and
  2. b) to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer,Ministry Photo 50

so that they may come to personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, grow in Christian maturity and become both committed church members and servants of a world in need.


Today, Scripture Union is fulfilling this mission through indigenous leadership and specialist programs and ministries, carefully designed to fit the context of each country and culture.  We are looking forward to celebrating 150 years.


150 logo - RHS page - 25A Special 150th celebration initiative

As part of our celebrations we are launching a special campaign to raise US$2,350,000 to enable us to launch and develop new ministries around the world with a special focus:

  • To reach children who need the Good News of Jesus most and have little opportunity or access
  • To grow ministry in areas of the world where spiritual and physical need is greatest

These will include developing resources and training for Movements around the world to:

  • Minister to the vulnerable and ‘at risk’
  • Provide values education in schools
  • Develop programs for children & teenagers with special needs
  • Provide every child with a Bible engagement tool

The funds raised will also enable us to:

  • invest in ministry in priority areas of the world were sustainable ministry is most difficult, and
  • develop our leaders so as to equip them better for ministry – including investing in Young Leaders for future ministry and our national governing bodies to enable them to oversee and guide the ministry ,ore effectively.


To give now by credit card please click here, designating the gift for 150th campaign or click here for other ways to give.    To find out more details about the 150th campaign and the initiatives we are seeking to develop, please email:

Thank you for your interest in Scripture Union and for helping us celebrate 150 years of God’s faithfulness to this ministry!