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Around The World

Scripture Union is in over 130 countries. In some countries there is more than one movement such as Switzerland (French speaking and German speaking).  Scripture Union worldwide is organised into seven Regions.  Use the links below to go to a particular Region or the alphabetical index to go straight to the country.  You will find contact information, ministry listings, and other useful information about that country and its SU Movement.

Region Information

Africa Region Map

Americas Region Map

Britain and Ireland Region Map
Africa Region


Britain & Ireland

Former Soviet Republics

East and West Asia Region Map
Europe Region Map
Pacific Region Map
East/West Asia Europe Region Pacific
South Asia Region Map
South Asia

Country List
Click here for detailed information and contact details for each country SUI Movement and SUI Regional Office.

Annual International  Prayer Directory
2012 Scripture Union International Prayer DirectoryScripture Union International publishes an Annual Directory of Scripture Union Movements around the world.
Click here to download a copy.