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Hong Kong with Macau

Hong Kong

Region East & West Asia
Population 7,184,000
Religion Eclectic mixture of local religions 92%, Christian 8%
% Pop. Under 15 11.6%
Official Languages Cantonese and English
Contact Us

Unit 7-9, 5/F, Pacific Trade Centre
2 Kai Hing Road, Kowloon Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2369 3384
Fax: +852 2369 1837
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Bookshop & Training Centre 
Flat A, 3/F St Andrew’s Christian Centre
138 Nathan Road
Tel: +852 2369 4350
Fax: +852 2369 4333

  • Bible Ministries
  • Bible Guides/Cards
  • Schools Ministry
  • Camps
  • Family Ministry
  • Ministry to the Elderly
  • Children/Youth Ministry Training
  • Other Ministry Resources
  • On-line Resources
  • E-Bible Reading Materials

Chairperson Rev. Joseph Chan
Treasurer Rev. Pele Ko
Secretary Mrs Wynne Yiu
General Secretary Mr Matthew Wong
Editor Ms Jennifer Yp
SU Macau Chairperson Pastor Meiiong Ip
SU Macau Part-Time Staff Lily Chao
Bible Reading Prom Mr Allen Ng
Youth Ministry Mr Foster Lee
CSSM Assistant Ms Suhina Chow
Graphic Designer & System Technician Mr Simon Cheng
Distribution Dep Super. Mr Edmond Chan
Mr Tun Kee Leung
Office Secretary Ms Jenny Chan
Bookshop Ms Betty Wong