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Scripture Union Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Population 6,187,591
Religion Roman Catholic 27%, Protestant 69.4%, Baha’i 0.3%, Indigenous Beliefs and Other 3.3%
% of Pop. Under 15 36.4%
Official Language Tok Pisin, English and Hiri Motu


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Scripture Union PNG
PO Box 1413
Port Moresby
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea
Tel/Fax:  +675 323 4823
Fax:  +675 323 4824



  • Bible Ministries
  • Schools Ministry
  • Camps


Chairperson / Treasurer Mr Naime O’ome
Secretary Robert Williams
Council Members Albert Rovi
Rava Taviri
Simeon Irah
National Director Walo Vali
Personal Assistant Mrs Nopiri Vali
Office Secretary Miss Maki John
Children and Schools Coordinator Miss Maki John
Publication Officer and Activity Team Leader Mr Jacob Vavine
Volunteers Elsie and Maoni