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SUI Bible readSU Resources around the world
Most Scripture Union Movements are well known for distribution of Bible Guides and cards and some provide for free on-line Bible engagement. In some parts of the world Scripture Union also provides a range of other quality ministry resources in print and on-line. This includes curriculum for church based children’s ministry, children’s books, and other Bible resources.



On-line and email Bible Engagement
Here are links to Scripture Union free on-line and emailed Bible engagement resources.
Canada – eDaily Devotional (English)
Canada – Bible Reading Calendar (French)
Denmark – El Camino reflections (Danish)
England & Wales – Word Live on line Bible study resources (English)
Ukraine – Bible Questions (Russian)
USA – Daily email readings (English)


A number of SU Movements provide online resources.  Please click here to see a list of these and to link through to their website.


Bookshops / Resource Centres
A number of SU Movements have their own Bookshops or Resource Centres.  You may like to visit a local SU bookshop or resource centre if there is one in your location.  Click here for a list of these Movements and for links to their Website.


Max 7 Children’s And Youth Ministry Resources
Scripture Union partners with other agencies to make children and youth ministry resources available at no cost.  Max7 is one of these partnerships. Click here for more information about Max 7