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Ministry Snapshots

  • Children and Youth

    Scripture Union Ecuador has the privilege of hosting weekly evangelistic outreach programs designed to share the Good News in dynamic and applicable ways to children and youth. Cooperating with government agencies, we provide counselling with Biblical values for people with disabilities. Youth interested in joining the Christian floorball league (urban hockey), are also involved in tournaments, retreats, and regular outings encouraging discipleship in a personal relationship with God and practical training for living honourably. Outreach to a growing immigrant population is opening doors to share God’s love in tangible ways as we strive to set an example of a Christ-like response to our fellow mankind who are in need. Join us in praying that God would continue to expand our horizons and sphere of godly influence as we seek to work in tandem with more local churches.

Contact Details

  • Head Office

    Avenida Pio Jaramillo Alvarado N13-120 y Sebastián de Benalcázar,
    Parroquia Conocoto, Cantón Quito,
    Provincia de Pichincha.

    • Leadership

      President: Abiud Fonseca

      Vice President: Henry Huaca

      Secretario: Andres Andrade

      Coordinadora de la Costa: Tanya Gonzalez Yumbla

      Coordinadora de la Sierra: Jessy Gallardo

      Director: Amy Carlson

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