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Ministry Snapshots

  • Overview

    The year 2021 is a landmark for SU Madagascar, which celebrates its 50th anniversary. During all these years, God has always been faithful to us. Glory be to God for all His blessings; SU Madagascar is maintaining its role as a catalyst indeed, that of a bridge between churches.

    SU’s training staff as well as full-time staff and volunteers, are much wanted whether in the area of marriage or family, young people or children. SU’s evangelists are travelling up and down the country the year round.

    The broadcast called “Daily Bread” is listened to all over the world by Malagasy people, thanks to two web radio partners. It is broadcast on 35 local stations, including the national radio.

    A school was also created for underprivileged children to allow them to get an education; these children also receive two meals per day.

    SU Madagascar makes available to churches and Christian associations two housing facilities for meetings and camps in Antananarivo, as well as a Prayer Mountain “SICHEM”.

Contact Details

  • Head Office

    Fikambanan’ ny Mpiara-Mamaky
    ny Baiboly
    BP 4085
    Escalier Ranavalona 1er
    Antaninarenina, Antananarivo


    • Direction

      Président D’honneur: Lilie Razafiarison

      Président: Désiré Rabenifara

      Vice Président: Richard Randrianandrasana

      Directeur National: Camille Rafilmanana

      Directeur Zone Nord: Nary Rakotomahenina

      Directeur Centre De Zone: Rijaniaina Rakotonindrina

      Intendance Generale: Ranto Elissah

      Gestion: Andry Rakotomalala

    • Ministères

      Ministère Auprès Des Enfants: Minah Rafalimanana

      Ministère Auprès Des Jeunes: Rija Rakotonindrina

      Ministère Couple et Famille: Fiankinana & Tiana Randriamanantena

      Ministère Biblique : Oly Andria-Noel

    • Missionnaires

      Missionnaires: André et Marie Laure Meier

      Missionnaires: Martin et Mary Barber

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  • Religions

    Indigenous Beliefs 52%, Christian 41%, Muslim 7%

  • Population under 15


  • Official languages

    Malagasy and French