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  • Summer Camps

    As we consider the needs of our country, we are able to serve both children and teenagers through the summer camp.

    The Bible tells us the importance of teaching children about God and this is the reason why we want to commit ourselves wholeheartedly to that important task. To achieve this goal, we use the educational and creative methods that enable children of different ages to discover and understand the truth about God.

    Living together at the camp offers an excellent opportunity for developing and adjusting the interests and needs of participants in the group, as well as the harmonization and development of good cooperation between the team who organise the camp. For children there are opportunities to get to know new friends and to socialize, as well as hearing Bible stories and learning something new. Fun games help with getting to know each other and learning how to work together. The young people have the chance to hear the Bible message through different approaches, such as  drama presentations, puppet shows, etc.  They learn to develop their imagination and creativity through creative workshops.

    It is a great joy to serve children and it is wonderful when through these activities we motivate teenagers and young people to get involved. Teenagers who visit our camps year after year have a desire to serve the younger children in the camps. We give them opportunities to train and recognise their talents so that they are able to thrive as they serve children.

  • Children on the margins

    In the Bible we find that God has love and time for everyone, especially those who are neglected, and this is why we serve children and teenagers who are on the margins of society.

    Our wish is that through many activities we will help and also educate children and teenagers with disabilities. We aim to encourage children and young people to work together and develop a sense of belonging to a group by participating in joint activities such as creative and educational workshops through which they gain a sense of tolerance and understanding. Inclusive workshops also help the socialization of children with disabilities and able-bodied children.

    We are also working with Roma kids age 6-14. When we meet we divide the kids into teams, start with a warm up and then we begin training. Training consists of three parts. A first part is training stations, which is usually made up of five stations where the young people practice their passing, shooting, heading, and conditioning speed and so on. After a break, we gather them all together for one of the coaches to share a message with them, using UBABALO materials. After the message, the kids play football.

    Our wish and prayer is to continue with these activities and hopefully expand them.

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  • Head Office

    Vladimira Stojsina 27
    Vojvode Tankosića 74


    • Leadership

      Chairperson: Melita Vidovic

      National Leader: Monika Vasiljevic

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