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  • Bible Ministry

    Scripture Union Indonesia started its mission in 1969 with a focus on Bible Ministry and publishing Santapan Harian (Daily notes) for adults, at that time. Its mission is to help more children, youth, and families know God and Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. In order to do this mission, SU Indonesia works with church synods to introduce Bible Ministry via the ‘training for trainers’ (ToT) program by using the method of ‘Baca Gali Alkitab’ (Read & Delve into the Bible). This method aims to help congregations understand the Bible, make a commitment for a daily quiet time, grow in their spiritual lives and share the Good News with others. The ToT for church pastors and elders is conducted in three stages over three years. By training the church leaders as God’s channel of blessing for their community, the Bible ministry movement with the ‘Baca Gali Alkitab’ method can be more easily adapted by each family and in the long run all congregations are able to grow deeper in the knowledge of God and become role models in the Church, society and nation.

    Praise the Lord! For the past five years, the ToT of ‘Baca Gali Alkitab’ has been bearing fruit in the churches in eastern Indonesia, i.e. Ambon (Maluku) and Papua where the majority of the population are Christians. At the moment in western Indonesia, North Sumatra (Batak), that has large concentrations of Christians has become our focus for Bible Ministry as well. Please pray for the church pastors and elders who participate in ToT of ‘Baca Gali Alkitab’ and come from the churches under the synod of Gereja Batak Karo Protestan (Batak Karo Protestant Church) in North Sumatra. We hope their understanding of the Bible will affect and grow the spiritual lives of each family in the church.

  • Children & Youth Ministries

    Daily notes for children and young people have been published by SU Indonesia since the 1980s. This publication marked the start of a ministry with young people. This ministry is gradually developing. The current publication of daily notes has four types, namely Specialkidz for children aged 1-3, Superkidz for children aged from 6-11, Smart for teens aged from 12-14, and Gen-M for youth aged from 15-17.  In order to introduce children and young people to reading the Bible regularly, SU Indonesia has collaborated with some Christians schools and churches/synods to offer training ‘Baca Gali Alkitab’. In June 2017, they were involved in the Camp conducted by the Synod of Toraja Churches in South Sulawesi. There were about 3,000 children and teens being trained. They are praying that the Holy Spirit will open young people’s hearts and minds to follow Jesus.

    For the school teachers, Sunday school teachers, and youth leaders, they also conduct a regular training of ‘Baca Gali Alkitab’, for the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry as well.  Through this training, they  hope the knowledge and skills of each teacher or youth leader will enable the name of God to be glorified through their ministries.

    SU Indonesia was appointed to be the host of SUEWA International Student Camp for students between 14-19 years in 2012 and 2016. The campers were blessed during the camp and from their testimonies and many were touched by the Holy Spirit to accept Christ Jesus as their only Saviour in their lives, to grow strong in Him and His Word, and make Him known to others.

Contact Details

  • Head Office

    Jl. Pintu Air Raya
    No 7 Block C4
    Jakarta 10710


    • Head Office Staff

      General Secretary: Vacant

      Senior Staff Operational: Audy A. Lewerissa

      Radio Ministry: Audy A.Lewerissa, Irvin Tolanda

      Bible Ministry: Restu Anugrahwati

      Children & Youth Ministry: Jeffry E. Roring

      Publishing: Yahya Kristianto

      Secretary: Asima Napitupulu

      Finance & Accounting: Sylvia Siahaan

      Collector: Novita M. Simbolon

    • Representative Staff

      North Sumatra: Hasahatan Hutahaen

      West Kalimantan: Peter Candra

    • Board of Reference

      Chairperson: Ruddy Koesnadi

      Member: Anton Budianto

      Member: Jonathan L. Parapak

      Member: Iman Santana

      Member: Hendro Tjan

    • Board of Inspector

      Chairperson: Armand Barus

      Member: Yoel M. Indrasmoro

    • Board of Council

      Chairperson: Vivi Handoyo

      Vice Chairperson: Indra Kurnia

      Secretary: Esterina Mulyati Jonatan

      Treasurer 1: Robert Tobing

      Treasurer 2: Naomi Felicia Tika

      Member: Mr Widodo

      Member: Chenny Thenderan

      Member: William Sitompul

      Member: Maryati Tamba

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