Supporting families with fitness, faith and fun!

A new resource from members of the Global Children’s Forum that came as a response to what families were facing with lockdowns, amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, is offering families a way to be fit and healthy, stay connected, and grow in faith and character.


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Visit is an all age programme that is ideally suited to help families grow together in faith and fitness within their homes. The website offers downloadable weekly sessions available in 21 different languages (and growing).

Families can use the sessions to connect in fun ways and exercise regularly at home in an apartment or a local park. The team behind believes that with a little creativity, everyone can be fit and healthy, stay connected, and grow in character and faith!

Family and Children’s Ministry Consultant for Scripture Union International, Terry Williams, leads the team of writers, which includes some Scripture Union staff and volunteers around the world, who shape the biblical content each week. Pedro Mateus, staff member with Scripture Union Portugal, leads the multi-agency Production Team that puts it all together.

One pastor in Nigeria wrote, “We’d been wondering how to engage families, which was very difficult for us… helped us have unfiltered inroads into families. We have families from the ‘other faiths’ who use We never believed this would happen!”

In Brazil 23 organisations (working together for the first time) are promoting as part of their discipleship strategies, resulting in an estimated 300,000 families using the Portuguese translation. There are many more exciting stories happening across the 185 different countries that have already visited the website!