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New leadership for Scripture Union International in its 150th year

Date of release: 23/12/2017

International Christian charity Scripture Union International (SUI) has commissioned a new International Director and Global Board Chair along with electing a new Global Board at its inaugural Global Assembly, held in Putrajaya, Malaysia, in November 2017. The Assembly and new Global Board signal a major change in structure in SU’s 150th year, giving each SU Movement around the world a voice at a global level, enabling wider collaboration and ensuring more effective use of resources to build ministry.

The new International Director, Monika Kuschmierz, from Germany and the Global Board have a broad range of knowledge and experience and come from 11 different countries. They include a university administrator from Ghana, a doctor from Honduras, a business consultant from Zambia, a management consultant from Northern Ireland, a military lawyer from Singapore, a resources manager from Canada and a Bible teacher from Sweden.

The chair of the new Global Board is Christian Hellwig, an engineer in nuclear energy from Switzerland. He will work alongside Monika, who began in her role at the end of November following the retirement of Janet Morgan, who had held the position since 2004.

The new Board, replacing the former International Council and Executive, will be responsible for overseeing the direction and approving and monitoring the global strategy and finances of Scripture Union International, along with the other legal responsibilities of charity trustees.

Speaking about the new era for Scripture Union, Mr Hellwig said, “We’re delighted to have such a talented and wide ranging set of experience and skills on our new Global Board and we look forward with excitement as we step into the next 150 years of Scripture International.” Mrs Kuschmierz commented further, “This move from regional groupings to a new global structure will enable more flexible collaboration between SU staff and volunteers across different countries. Unrestricted by geographic areas, it will be easier to come together on areas of special ministry interest, such as working with children and young people with disabilities, or developing digital Bible engagement resources. It will also enable us to establish supportive global networks and communities.”

Elections for the board took place at a special General Assembly meeting as part of the Global Assembly in November. More than 350 delegates from around 100 countries gathered for the Assembly in Malaysia for five days. The theme of the conference was ‘Fuel the Future’ and it included keynote speakers, worship and creative prayer, and workshops. Along with celebrating the 150th anniversary of Scripture Union, it was an opportunity to say thank you to the retiring International Director, Janet Morgan and the outgoing Executive. Delegates were also given opportunities to share resources and start to develop new ideas for ministry in the future.

Mrs Kuschmierz said, “We have been excited to already see outcomes from our time together in Malaysia. Our aim was to see movements from around the world come together to be inspired and equipped for ministry in the future. Our leaders have left Malaysia re-envisioned, connected and able to begin support networks and collaboration on projects that will have significant ministry impact well into the future. They have returned home to their respective countries and movements fuelled for future ministry opportunities with a new support base to assist their development. The SU Global Team and I look forward to supporting our global family as they seek to develop existing and new ministries as we move into the next stage of our life as a global movement.”

Members of the Global Board

  • Christian Hellwig (Chair) from Switzerland.
  • Monika Kuschmierz (International Director) from Germany
  • David Thompson (Treasurer) from Northern Ireland.
  • Enrique Martinez from Honduras.
  • Maggie Norman from Canada.
  • Jon Ong from Singapore.
  • Margaret Siwale from Zambia.
  • Sam Afrane from Ghana.
  • Ray Baker from Sweden.
  • Jenny Stewart (Company Secretary, Operations Director) based in UK

Click here for photos of Christian and Monika and the Global Assembly on Flickr.

About Scripture Union

Scripture Union is a global charity known for discipling children and youth, and helping people of all ages meet God through the Bible and prayer. From simple beginnings in the front room of a house in London, where a young office worker helped children understand the Bible in a way that was relevant and appropriate to them, SU has grown into an international movement operating in more than 120 countries.

Scripture Union remains committed to fulfilling its mission to help children come to know God through the Bible and it does this across the world through indigenous leadership and specialist programs and ministries, carefully designed to fit the context of each country and culture.