Praying at times like these

Day 4: Pray for medical professionals leading the charge

“First responders are dealing with limited supplies and having to reuse masks to continue to do our job. There are also daily protocol changes that we try to keep up with. It’s a constantly changing environment that we’re trying to navigate as we care for our patients in the best way that we can.”

Carri Clark is a Paramedic serving on an ambulance team in Michigan, USA, and is an alumnus of the Leadership Lab International Transform Training (Summer 2018) in Croatia.

What should I pray for?

We are trying to stay optimistic and are yet overwhelmed by what has happened in such short a time” Marijana Crnkovic, National Leader – SU Croatia

Croatia is a small country of four million of which one million live in the capital, Zagreb. On Sunday morning, a few strong earthquakes shook Zagreb, which were followed by aftershocks. After last week’s high temperatures, the weather has changed back to winter temperatures again. It is hard to be on the streets, without any place to go. Yet, there is the need to maintain a social distance. The city is on a lockdown -markets, cafes, bars and restaurants are all closed, as in other countries. Schools are online for the first time ever in history. SU Croatia had to close their camp centre and office. They now meet weekly over the internet via Zoom.

Pray for the National Movements in Europe as they support each other in exploring new ways of serving and praying together – for peace and words of encouragement.

    • For wisdom and ideas on how to disciple in this situation.
    • For a plan B in the event of summer programs being postponed or cancelled.

Bishop Efraim Tendero, Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) says, “In the midst of this situation, we are reminded just how vulnerable man is as a tiny virus that is invisible to the human eye brings the entire world to a halt. It is a time that calls for humility and prayer to our Heavenly Father, the Creator and Sustainer of this world. We pray because we know that God listens and responds”.