Praying at times like these

Day 6: Pray for children

  • that they would understand to a fair extent as to what is going on.
  • that their families would be a good support system.
  • and for their wellbeing as many spend time indoors.
  • that their friendships would be preserved, and they would find ways of keeping in touch.
  • who may not have a home – that they will find safe and secure places.
  • who are part of families where one or more are unwell.
  • and for their future, as they think of what tomorrow holds.
  • who are in abusive situations, for protection and a way out.

What should I pray for

Latin America is in great danger with the Coronavirus. Several countries are among the least prepared in the world for a pandemic, with healthcare systems already stretched thin. Peruvian Minister of Defence, Walter Martos said that the nation has less than 400 respirators available. For a population of over 33 million people, “It’s not a lot” he said. “Really, we don’t have the infrastructure that developed nations do.”

SU Peru is a very active National Movement and runs schools ministry, teaching moral values at public schools, running four shelters for orphans and abandoned children and it has a beautiful campsite facing the sea where many children meet God and become followers of Jesus.

The main income streams of SU Peru are the campsite and a parking lot in the centre of Lima. All camps that were scheduled for March and April have had to be cancelled and, due to the lockdown, the parking lot is empty. This is bringing financial challenges and putting a strain on the ministry.

Do pray for all Latin American SU Movements that they will serve their countries and continue to point them to the hope they can have in Jesus.

Davi Kruklis, Field Development Director, Latin America

What more could I pray for

“I am glad to update you that our first online Bible study class today was a great success. And while I am excited writing this, … God put in my heart an idea of multiplying it but mobilising teachers out of our team to do this same thing for kids under their care or ministry area. So, what a great vision it is if 30 teachers, for the first phase, join us in hosting hundreds of Bible classes online from where they are, for thousands of children. We limit each class to 12 students.”

Please pray

Pray for initiatives such as these from SU Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and other smaller SU movements as they wrestle with the new reality of ministering to children and families online.

Esther Phan (SU Vietnam)